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Created by Sharee Silerio, Black Girl, Bleu is a short documentary featuring candid interviews with Black women – from a teacher to a community organizer and an entrepreneur – about how the “Strong Black Woman” stereotype impacts their mental wellness.

In this film, each woman shares intimate details about their struggles with mental health, including what has helped them overcome their challenges. Also, Black female therapists share insight regarding the particular mental health challenges Black women face along with resources, tips and tools to cultivate healing and self-love.

The “Strong Black Woman” stereotype, among others, has created such an abundance of shame, hopelessness and fear surrounding mental health concerns that it also has Black women who are hurting feeling like their only option is to suffer in silence rather than seek the care they desire and need.

It’s often difficult for the people around us to see that we are suffering when we are smiling, being promoted at work, making moves in our businesses or “balancing” our careers, families and love lives. It can be hard to make sense of depression, anxiety or an eating disorder when we are deemed “successful” in others’ eyes.

For Black women, this veil is even thicker, as societal and familial pressures, expectations and perceptions require them to be all things to everyone, at all times.

Through this documentary, we will deconstruct the stigmas surrounding mental health; encourage those around us to realize that mental illness does not “look” any particular way; create a safe, loving space for Black women to share their truth; and help Black women experiencing the same challenges see that they are not alone and healing is possible. We also want Black women to know that they matter, their pain matters and they are loved.

The mission, with this project and others, is to tell stories where Black women and girls exist as full human beings on screen and feel seen, heard, loved and affirmed beyond the screen.

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