Joelle Fousé

Chef and Founder of Elle 7 Catering

Chef Joelle Fousé is growing a booming catering service, Elle 7 and her spice business, Adventures in Spice. From the Essence Festival to pop-up shops at Nordstrom, Joelle is shaking things up in the spice industry with her unique specialty spice blends.

Unstoppable and focused, Joelle is taking her spices from local vendor shelves to intimate dinner plates with her small bites catering business, Elle 7.

Delivering beautifully presented bites with white glove customer service, Joelle lives out her company mission by creating memorable dining experiences, one small bite at a time.

Elle 7 has serviced events such as soirees, engagement parties, corporate catering, private parties and private staff chef services. Joelle
is proud to be recognized as one of the elite boutique catering services in Saint Louis, MO.