The Community

A virtual family room for Black women to be free, feel their feelings, share their stories & heal.

Are you looking for support and accountability on your mental health journey? Is your dream to find a tribe where you feel seen, heard, and understood instead of judged?

If you’re feeling:

✴︎ Overwhelmed by your desire to be perfect;

✴︎ Guilty for taking time to care for yourself;

✴︎ Ashamed when asking for help;

✴︎ Like you have to be okay no matter what;

✴︎ Frustrated about the cost of therapy;

✴︎ Alone in your struggles;

✴︎ Tired of being tired;

Then “Black Girl, Bleu” is just for you. 🙌🏾💖🙌🏾

This community is a safe space for you to shed the “Strong Black Woman” mask and talk about your feelings, experiences and troubles without receiving unsolicited advice, shady comments or side eyes in return.

Click the link below to join or learn more! 👏🏾🙋🏾‍♀️👏🏾

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